Sales Conditions

1. Minimum amount for orders: Euro 200,00. For orders up to 300,00 Euro net there are requested 30,00 Euro to cover handling charges.

2. Standard packing (box, pallet, depending on the weight and on the distance) cost is                       included in the price. For special packaging, cost is to be agreed.

3. The prices are those that are effective at the time of making and accepting the order.

4. Any delays, of any kind, entitle the client to cancel the order, but not to delay any payments relating to any other supplies, or to request compensation for damages.

5. Non-payement of goods will void any warrenty.

6. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, products are free ex works – incoterm 2000 – and are shipped at the purchaser’s risk and danger, even when they are free on delivery and shipping is charged and invoiced to the client. The goods shipped are not covered by any form of transport insurance or insurance policy.

7. The supplier will not be held responsible for any damage, failure, tampering or loss, after the goods have exited its warehouse. Any complaints or claims deriving from, or tied to, shipping and/or complementary and/or accessory operations, will have to be addressed by the purchaser exclusively to the shipping company or to the third party responsible.

8. The guarantee ceases if the consumer fails to report the manufacturing defect to the seller within 8 days of discovering the defect. Any replacements for a confirmed lack of suitability of the material will be made free of charge, with the express exclusion of expenses for damages, interest or compensation whatsoever due to the use of the product. The seller is responsible when a manufacturing defect appears within one year following delivery of the goods.

9. Barring exceptions authorised in writing, each payment must be made to our Bank. Failure to observe the agreed payment terms will entitle us to demand the immediate payment of the whole sum including any interest on arrears, which will be calculated on the basis of the bank rate. Furthermore, it entitles us to stop any orders not yet dispatched.

10. If the valve is delivered faulty, our procedure provides that it will be returned at the expense of the customer. This will allow its factory inspection, the determination of its actual defect and determine the possible provision of a replacement or refund.

11. For the installation of our material, the instructions and norms of use contained in our technical documentation, which also describes the performance of the sold product, must be strictly observed.

12. For any dispute, the Court of Milano (Italy) is the only court having jurisdiction.

13. These general conditions of sale cancel and replace any already in your possession from October 1st 2014.

14. Each product has a warranty of two years.

15. The return of goods must be previously agreed with our Quality Department. For returned items the customer will be charged of transport cost and 10% of value of the goods, as operating cost.

16. Eura srl. recommended to anyone wishing to purchase and use its products, to examine, all their characteristics, in order to ensure that they have the necessary and that are suitable for the use to which the customer intend to allocate them. The responsibility for the choice of buying a product suitable to the application, is exclusive responsibility of the buyer.